... to my place for exploring relationships and sexuality. In my practice, I offer Couple’s therapy, sexual therapy and individual relationship therapy Here, we find ways to balance freedom and attachment, change and stability.

My methods are based on psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis, systemic therapy, ego state and non-violent communication.

Appointments are available in my office in Berlin Neukölln or online, in German or English. You are welcome to contact me without prior request and book a free “get to know me” call. I can bill you for my services privately.


My philosophy in life is that of an explorer. My goal is to discover and explore the world of relationships. I want to show ways in which we differentiate between what we expect from ourselves and what we really want. In this way, we can find an authentic, fulfilling life, free of convention. With my methods, I would like to help others shape their journey and find freedom and fulfillment.

For me, life is full of puzzles, and every solved puzzle results in an experience that helps to gain treasures in one's own development and to leave old cycles behind. In stormy times, most people fight the crisis and hope it will soon pass. This is an understandable yet counterproductive mechanism. Facing crises and challenges and dealing with them is very productive as they enable us to gain insights that are hidden from us in good times.

From the painful realizations of my crises, I have learned: my knowledge about myself is limited. Others who think differently from me will come to different diagnoses and their feedback will speed up my process considerably. Others who deal more deeply with the topic have methods at their disposal. They can show me sides of myself that I have not been able to see before. My job in individual and couple’s therapy is to help you make the same discovery.

KONEKTOS relationship talks

I believe relationships are a lifelong source of knowledge. I take the time to accompany you on your new discoveries.