Standing above the roofs of Berlin, on the roof terrace of the recently completed condominium, I showed my friend P. the prospect of my future – an unobstructed view of the Warsaw Bridge to the Alex. He was impressed.

"I think I have to move out of here again," I said firmly, although it seemed unreal to me.

He looked at me skeptically: “Move out? But this is your dream scenario here."

“No, this is not the life I want. And the lady doesn't want the life I want. "

The attempt to live the life of my parents had failed.

The monogamous partnership is over. The fixed employment contract was over. Gone was the “safe” future.

I was in my early 30s and had to start over. It was time to position myself in life.

I just had no idea where or how to start.

The search for my own place, for the life I want, took place everywhere.

In connection with a hundred dancing figures in front of the bass tunnels of the festivals.

On the hunt for your own shadow in interpersonal intimacy.

In courses from role models who had found their way.

It is the companions we find, the people who reflect and inspire us, who make the difference on the path that we ultimately walk alone.

I would not have found my place alone. I could not have seen the blind spots or challenged my ego at the crucial points, in turn, discovering new perspectives for myself.

It is the joy in finding these perspectives for others that led me to this work. I cannot get enough of it.


I was born in Osnabrück in 1984 and studied politics and law, as well as NGO management. In my second career path, I trained in relationship dynamic sex therapy at the Institute for Relationship Dynamics in Berlin and Mediation at the School for Understanding in the Lebensgarten Steyerberg and successfully passed the state examination to become a naturopath in psychotherapy.

I'am a member of the Berlin Mediation Center


I want to connect our desire for freedom and security.