Individual sessions

For me, sexuality and relationship coaching is linked to the following questions: What do I want? and how do I find out what I want?

I support you in standing up for your wishes and needs on your journey through life. None of us likes to face crises, but it is precisely during those complicated moments when we are ready to learn new things and look for answers to recurring issues and conflicts. Our experiences in relationships, separations and sexuality are important for our personal development.

I like to use the metaphor of a map, because it helps to not lose sight of one's own goals and to determine where we are on our journey.
In my therapy sessions, I focus on you. We work together to forge an authentic and mutual relationship based on trust and compassion. I am here to listen to your unique story and to guide you on your way to a happier self.

How does the therapy work?

We start with a free online consultation. In this, you have the opportunity to describe your concerns to me in detail. Then, I will explain my working method to you, and you can consider whether it suits you. The most important thing for cooperation is trust between us.

In the first session, you have the opportunity to tell me more about you. We specify your goals for our time together and I build my program around these.

What can you expect from the therapy?

  • In-depth analysis of the topics that you have raised
  • New knowledge about your behavioral patterns
  • Discovering unknown resources in your life
  • Exercises and techniques for your personal development.

How do I support you?

I make sure that

  • we focus on your goals within the dynamic process.
  • the sessions include the right mix of discussions, reflection and experiences.
  • hidden messages are discovered.
  • we follow development opportunities.
  • there is a safe space for your feelings and needs.

KONEKTOS Individual sessions

I believe relationships are a lifelong source of knowledge. I take the time to accompany you on your new discoveries.